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A sound bath with Laura Mayo was exactly the medicine I needed, and I have tried everything! It calmed my mind so that I could get back into my body and let the relaxing and healing process unfold. Laura’s skill at gentle sound-making is masterful - I had no idea how powerful quiet beauty could be. Her voice is truly healing and grounding to hear - she has a rare timbre. She is truly a soul retrieval specialist in a musician’s body - she will sing your soul home. - Olivia Estelle

There is a lot of variety in practitioners, and each one has their own delightful touch in the subtle ways they drum, or strike a bowl, but what I wasn't expecting was the sheer effect Laura's voice had on the session. A soft, soothing, guided meditation put me in a comfortable heartspace going into it, but what her vocalizations brought out of me in the brief window she sang, was beyond anything I could expect. Laura has raised the bar for the benefits a Sound Bath can bring with her unique voice and incredibly succinct application of it during the ceremony. -Alex Moore


Laura is a gifted healer with an amazing mastery of sound and voice. She blends her fantastic voice with her mastery of instruments to bring forth the perfect sound signature for the healing you need. Her clear, still presence joined with her strong intuition allows her to channel amazing healing energy that dances with her music to create a vibrational container of pure bliss! I highly recommend her sound healing sessions to everyone for relieving stress, healing, transformation, and connecting to something greater! -Suman Chaudhuri

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